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August 10
Spawning a New Group: 
Madison County Constitutional Republicans 
with Kurt Riley of Sumner County 

The Delta Room at Old Country Store was packed (71!) with WTP members and conservatives from 4 other counties to hear how Kurt Riley and his Sumner County Constitutional Republican CLUB (SCR) managed to get 31 candidates ELECTED to vitally important positions in Sumner County.  Ray Condray announced the Madison County Constitutional Republican CLUB as the first 'sister' group of what Kurt has now established:  TN Constitutional Republicans.  Read the 'Letter to We the People Members' on our Facebook Page and HOME at this website to understand that WTP has 'spawned' this group, but it is totally SEPARATE from WTP.  Will we share members?  Very likely so - but taking over this 'political arm' will free up WTP to do even MORE!!!  This group will be meeting at 9 am on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  Contact Ray to let him know you want to help through the new website:

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 6.08.02 PM.png

Sept. 14, 2023  First Responder Appreciation Potluck

July 13 - Brandon Shields of Tennessee Conservative News 

Let's Go Brandon Tour included WTP of West TN on his stop for western TN.  Brandon Lewis shared with us the true state of 'Republican' party here in TN - the fact that many are 'R' in name only - or we would have passed many more laws defending our constitutional freedom.  He urged us to consider  forming a 'club' to concentrate on electing TRUE Republicans and freedom-loving Constitutionalists to ALL positions within our city and county.  There were about 40 members and guests present.  Check out his website and sign up for his newsletter!

June 1 - Woke Education 
Aundrea Gomez from Center for Renewing America spoke eloquently to a good-sized group .  We learned SO MUCH about Social Emotional Learning, Critical Race Theory, how Marxism is alive and well within our schools, and WHY children canNOT read.  
We  have gathered a good summary of Aundrea's Presentation and recommendations for futher learning at a separate page here on our website.  
Click HERE to access that page.  

May 11 - 2nd Amendment Rights
Rep. Chris Todd, Richard Archie and Terrell Perry all presented about our guaranteed rights to bear arms in TN and the current discussion about 'Red Flag Laws.  Terrell of the Urban Defense Gun Club will be offering firearms training for our members in the upcoming months.  Contact Londa at to indicate your interest. 

April 13 - City of Jackson Candidate Forum
City  Council & Mayoral Candidates asked questions from Commissioner Gary Deaton.  Mayor Conger chose to not accept our invitation.  We had a record crowd of 115 in attendance!      

Feb. 9.  COVID: 
Behind the Curtain

Mar. 9 - continuation of Truth regarding  COVID/'Vaccine' 

63 Members & Guests learned alarming factual TRUTH watching a documentary and learning from Nurse Practitioner Chad Fitzhugh.  Details are on Home page.  Links are in Medical Freedom Action Group.  This meeting was so well received/appreciated, that it was continued on March 9. 
Click HERE to access ALL of that extremely valuable Covid information! 
             Jan. 12, 2023


ACE Charter School Q & A with Phill Schwenk. gave members many answers.  The challenge is to share what we learned with our friends and neighbors who care about the children in our JMCSS. 
Meetings are now being held 
2nd Thurs. monthly
Ministry Building of Jackson 1st Assembly
1027 W. Forest, Jackson

Doors open at 5:30, so stop and pick up some take-out dinner to enjoy fellowship with fellow members.  
Meetings 6-8 pm 

Dec. 8 - Christmas Party
Members enjoyed games and getting better acquainted. 
Oct. 18 - Gary Humble
of Tennessee Stands  
Aug. 16 - Question & Answer with TN State Legislators 

A great crowd gathered at Old Country Store to hear
* a history of our group - formed Oct. 2021
* Inspirational Patriot Academy Leadership Congress event sharing from Union Univ. Sophomore Kyle Wheeler - AND a charge to remain TRUE to our Christian values. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 7.28.26 AM.png

* Extensive and lively discussion regarding the upcoming 10/8 Drag Show to be held as a 'family-friendly' event was held.  Members voiced their concerns and ideas for an intelligent response to this in our community and how we can STOP it.  

Sept. 15 - Looking Back & Looking Forward

Aug. 16 - Q & A with TN Legislators
at Old Country Store - Delta Room.
This was a GREAT EVENT - one we hope
to repeat maybe twice a year.  
We did tape it on 'Facebook Live'. 
Click HERE to see the recording. 
Click on the DOCX W box to 
access the Handout of Questions.  You'll find some very interesting, informative information in this document.  

July 14, 2022     WTP Candidates Shared their Goals + Protect Our                                                 Children Update/Finger Food Potluck  
June 9, 2022   2nd Amendment Rights with Mr. Richard Archie 

Richard Archie, Director of West TN Firearms Association delivered factual information regarding our 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms - both from the TN and the US Constitutions.  Lively discussion, question/answer session followed.  Listen to it all by clicking on the image to the left which will take you to the Facebook Live link. Strongest ACTION ITEM?  Let your opinions be KNOWN to your LegislatorS:  both TN and USA!   

Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 7.09.48 AM.png
May 17, 2022    Congressional Town Hall/Fingerfood Potluck


                                          Forty-five Members and guests gathered for a Finger Food Potluck held at the Premier Events Center.  Five of the candidates for District 8 US Congress were present to answer questions that were formulated at the Zoom Meeting held 5-9-22 by members.  Ray Condray was the Moderator.  This was our first 'successful' (?) Facebook Live recorded event (though the camera was the wrong direction), but the audio was successfully recorded and can be listened to at the following location:  

April 21, 2022   Patriot Potluck - Sheriff Town Hall 

                                          Fifty-five members and guests gathered for a wonderful Potluck Meal and a lively and informative Town Hall with Sheriff Candidates:  Marc Byrum (I), John Mehr (R), and Julian Wiser (R).  Administrators were joined by members in asking questions of all of the candidates.  Those in attendance were appreciative and voiced that the event DID help them decide for whom they would vote in the election May 3 - or early voting already happening.  As requested we tried our best to record the session.  Please find it below.  

Audio-Sheriff town hall 4.21.22
00:00 / 51:59
March 24, 2022    Zoom Meeting
     Twenty four members were inspired by a great meeting including:  1) Inspiration from a similar group in east TN - many great ideas shared, especially encouragement to meet MONTHLY (we decided a Thurs. pm) for Patriot Potluck 2) Sponsorship of Kyle Wheeler and likely his brother as well to the Patriot Academy Leadership Experience in June at the FL capitol. 3) Voter Guide news and much more.   Read complete notes INCLUDING NEED for HELP to take ACTION.  Your Administrators need your HELP..... Click on the Acrobat Reader for full notes and needs.  

March 3, 2022   Patriot Potluck  - AJ DePriest Presentation

Flooding made us postpone this event from 2/24/22.  Over 65 Patriots gathered to enjoy a potluck dinner and to hear from expert AJ DePriest about how federal funds are bribing our schools and hospitals to follow their guidelines.  Find her Presentation, and Facts and Figures supporting what she shared at our Blog HERE (2/23/22).  Find her Recommendations for ACTION at the Blog Post HERE.  

January 31, 2022     Zoom Meeting

We had a GREAT meeting.  Medical Freedom was the main concern.  Join the Medical Freedom Action Group to become knowledgeable about facts of GREAT CONCERN that have come to light.  Also check the BLOG.  

January 12, 2022      In-Person Luncheon Old Country Store
Click on PDF icon to download notes.
Website Platform/Domain Expenses of $300 have been initially funded by 
your Administrators.  Contributions are most welcome.  Click
HERE for complete Funding Transparency Page and how to contribute.  
December 7, 2021   Zoom Meeting with Guest Speaker: 
       Gary  Humble of TN Stands 

         Click on PDF icon to download notes 
                                          Video with Gary Humble is a  link in the Download notes                       and also can be found at bottom of
                     Click below to watch the Zoom Meeting recording of the portion
AFTER Gary's presentation.



November 11, 2021   Zoom Meeting 
October 25, 2021      In-Person Luncheon  Old Country Store
 Click on PDF icon to download notes. 
October 9, 2021         In-Person Luncheon  Old Country Store
                                        Click on PDF icon to download notes. 
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