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A group of Patriots planned, organized, and executed two 

Trump for President Car Rallies in October 2020. 

We also started a Facebook Group which grew like crazy.  Though that page still exists, we find our distribution greatly diminished due to their censorship....which is exactly why we are developing this website to serve as our operation 'terminal.  On Jan. 6, 2021, we held a peaceful

Stop the Steal Rally at the Madison County Courthouse. 

In October of 2021, we formed this group that does not intentionally align itself with any political party. 

Rather, according to our Mission as adopted on 10-25-21: 

"We seek to connect and educate with the purpose of motivating citizens to act

in order to preserve our Constitutional Republic".


1. I support, believe, and am willing to defend the US Constitution as it was written and lawfully amended. 

2. I will work with other WTP Members to energize myself, my family and friends to become informed regarding candidate positions, and then to VOTE - IN PERSON if at all possible. 

3. Since this website is for joining together, learning, and inspiring ACTION to save our Constitutional Republic, I understand that this is not just another social media platform for 'ranting'.

4.  I understand that WTP is a group of folks who claim Jesus as their Savior and guide in what they do/say as WTP Members.  

5. I understand that 'Membership' privileges can be revoked if I do not actively participate and engage according to the 'rules' above.  

 To  'Join', fill in the Membership Application Form

that pops up on your screen.

Be SURE to include your cellphone number,

as we communicate most often via text messages -

see #1 below.    


 With Official Membership, you will: 

1.  ReceiveText Messages regarding Meetings and vitally important TAKE ACTION STEPS.  These are NOT Group Texts where everyone gets all responses, but rather responses only come to the Administrator sending - generally Londa Rohlfing. 

2. Receive Texts about our Meetings with links to pertinent pages on our website, and TAKE ACTION notifications.  

3. Have access to our WTP Library.  Find a current listing by clicking on the Acrobat icon here.

   Library items are offered at our monthly meetings.


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