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                                       Protect our Kids!

We can't meet this challenge unless we ALL become 'educated' on this topic, preparing our minds and hearts in the spirit of Christ and God's truth as found in His Word.  Taking responsibility to head up some research/collect needed information,  I've set up this PAGE here at our website to serve as a Central Information Location. 
    Turn off the TV and its depressing news/development and invest some hours digging into this topic instead.  See it as 'training for the battle'.  Sadly, this 'training' won't be very palatable either, but it is necessary if we are to make progress here in West TN against this next big area of the devil's attack on our families.   
     EDUCATION is KEY on this issue!  Please follow the lead of your Administrators and via Member Texts to take Action.  Our Facebook Page also will contain actionable items.  Our Facebook Page is a PRIVATE page, and you must be accepted in order to post (they will await approval) and view.  


Click on the WORD icon   to open a list of our WTP Lending  Library.  Donations are welcome...both for this list AND for our WTP Library.  

Recommended Book List
Available in our Lending Library available at each Meeting.  
Book Notes- Kinda like 'Cliff Notes 

Notes on FAITHFUL PRESENCE - The Promise and the Peril of Faith in the Public Square by Bill Haslam


Notes on WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED BY Erwin Lutzer 


Notes on Mama Bear Apologetics - Guide to Human Sexuality  by Hillary Morgan Ferrer with Amy  Davison   

GREAT Podcasts  
Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 8.17_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 1.42.08 PM.png

A Short Summary of What Charlie Sees as the Slippery Slope of the LGBTQ Agenda.... 

  • 1st - TOLERANCE was demanded. 

  • 2nd:  ACCEPTANCE of their values as our core values was demanded. 

  • 3rd:  We were asked to CELEBRATE their choices as the new 'normal'. 

  • 4th:  Now we are asked to PARTICIPATE and for our children to be PARTICIPANTS.  

 Starting at about 17', the Podcast above is EXCELLENT

on this issue.  Please listen.  

On Dr. Dobson's show 7-19-22, the author of this GREAT book was interviewed.  PLEASE go and listen.  Just click on the photo to the left.  


DEEP Thinking - but well 

WORTH listening. 

Grooming is EVERYWHERE

Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 7.48.49 AM.png

FAMILY MATTERS: Outdoor Education or Outdoor Indoctrination
To listen, click on the image of text above.

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