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Donating to We the People of West TN has and will continue to enable us to purchase some Christian Worldview books & DVDs for both our own Library and the Jackson/Madison County Library.  Checks made out to We the People of West TN can be sent to Londa Rohlfing at 167 Whitfield Drive  Jackson, TN  38305.  OR Click on the button  to donate with PayPal.  

EDUCATE yourself on the Sexuality Issue that has become so front and center... We have several great books available for loan to our members.  See our current Library List at this link:  

1.  Contact with your thoughts and suggestions for future action to fight this evil and lead these lost to a saving faith in Jesus.  

2.  Please bring this to the attention of your church's Pastor.  Contact us at to let us know that you have done so and if we can count on their support as one of our local Clergy willing to help us in this cause.  

3.  Pray for how Christ would have us address this issue in our community - and at the same time to reach out to those in this lifestyle with His love.  

To effectively 'remove' un-healthy, sexually-confusing books, music and movies  in the LGBTQ+ 'realm' from our Jackson Madison County Public Library,

we have the following ideas.... 

  •  Checking out books from the Public Library only looks to make them more popular.  tTherefore, IF you check out any of the books that would be objectionable from a Christian Worldview, please also fill out the Citizen's Request for Reconsideration of Library Material Form.  Clicking on the PDF box below will download this form to your computer.   Respectfully return your books by the Due Date to prevent the Library from spending more of our tax dollars to replace the  book.   Be sure to take a picture of your filled out form, share it with Londa at, and then put it in an envelope, and deliver it with Director DINAH HARRIS on the outside.  Take it to the library, and make sure that she gets your form.  


  • Constantly contact Government Representatives, to make SURE that your County Commissioner/Mayor and City Mayor/City Council Member have heard and continue to hear from you regarding this issue.  To find out who they are, just install the App:  GoVoteTN on your phone, input your address, then go to 'Elected Officials'.

  • TN HB1944 deals with Obscenity.  It passed the House, but has been assigned to 'Summer Study' for the Senate.  Let our state Senator Ed Jackson know that we want him to vote FOR this bill.  Read a summary of this bill and see voting records at the PDF shown here.  Rep. Chris Todd voted FOR this bill.  Rep. Johnny Shaw voted AGAINST this bill.  

  • Medical Practice:  Are sex change/hormone blockers being prescribed in our county/at our hospital?  If so - is this truly 'Do No Harm' according to Hypocratic Oath? 

  • City/County Proclamation - lobby for this on the part of our elected officials.  By doing this, I think we make clear our 'community standard'.  Here is a sample - written by Gary Humble of TN Stands in response to a Franklin Pride event.  At the very least, we can BE HEARD!  


     This book:  Mama Bear Apologetics Guide to Sexuality  

is excellent! For EVERYONE concerned about the sexuality

confusion of our day, and especially from a careful, loving

viewpoint of a Christian, and ESPECIALLY for parents who must

face/educate their children, I most highly recommend this

book. Get one for you and one for a friend!

You can find it HERE at Amazon for $13.49!  

  • EYEBALLS on both our Library AND our Public School Libraries/Curriculum.  Volunteers?

  • Create a RESOURCE CENTER online/even here on this website.  A place parents can go to get help as they confront and discuss these issues with their children.  Provide a list of  professional help from trained Christian counselors and pastors.  Even an IT expert  willing to secure and apply real safeguards on family computers and cellphones.  Also:  insure that public school computers/have adequate protection installed.  PORN is the evil that is stealing our children and their childhoods! 

  • Listen to these relevant Podcasts to understand the scope of this challenge before us:  ​We the People of West TN hopes to bring David Fowler to Jackson this fall for an informative BIG event.  Location?  

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ACE Charter School Information
Click HERE to read some basic history/information on the  American Classical Academy Madison Application 

 A Short Summary of What Charlie Sees as the Slippery Slope of the LGBTQ Agenda.... 

  • 1st - TOLERANCE was demanded. 

  • 2nd:  ACCEPTANCE of their values as our core values was demanded. 

  • 3rd:  We were asked to CELEBRATE their choices as the new 'normal'. 

  • 4th:  Now we are asked to PARTICIPATE and for our children to be PARTICIPANTS.  

 Starting at about 17', the Podcast above is EXCELLENT

on this issue.  Please listen.  

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