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Patriot Potluck Follow-Up/Action Steps from AJ DePriest 3/3/22

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

We had an AMAZING turnout for our Patriot Potluck featuring AJ DePriest!!! Her presentation was full of valuable facts and ACTION ITEMS specific to our area will follow. To facilitate easy access to the plethora of facts that she presented on 3/3, click on the download squares below.


  1. As a group, arrange to visit your local hospital and talk with the CEO and Chief Medical Officer.

  2. Calmly and civilly tell your hospital that you are aware of how Covid patients are treated there; that you know these patients are needlessly dying from CDC/NIH-driven protocols when life-saving protocols and medications are readily available but ignored because they are not part of the "covered countermeasures" that pay bonuses from CMS*.

  3. Tell the hospital that you, as a community, are the ADVOCATES for every Covid patient that enters your community hospital, and YOU will hold the hospital accountable for any more needless deaths.

*Do not let the hospital leaders gaslight you. The Adam Group has helped FIVE families who lost loved ones at Jackson-Madison hospital, and all were treated and died in the same manner, with the same protocols, and all families were ignored when they asked for alternative treatments, transfers to other hospitals, and for pre-Covid visitation policies.

Contact Londa Rohlfing if you want to help TAKE ACTION as WTP of West TN.


  1. Take the facts about your district's ESSER funds and commitment to requirements to your school board, your superintendent, the Commissioner of Education, the Governor, and your local lawmakers. Tell them you do not appreciate the federal government holding your children ransom for Covid money, and you WILL NOT COMPLY with the deals they made behind your backs.

  2. Take the facts to your congress members and tell them to REPEAL the Interim Final Requirements of the ARP Act.

  3. Attend school board meetings and pay attention to decisions they make regarding your community's children, CDC "recommendations," CRT/SEL in your schools, and mental health services*.

*There is no doubt our kids are having a mental health crisis after the last two years of masking, lockdowns, and scare tactics. But these issues were caused by a corrupt and tyrannical government. Our kids NEED HELP; but they need help arranged by their parents with counselors and therapists chosen by parents, and counselors and therapists must report directly to parents. Mental health records must be private, and our schools and government must not have access to them. The federal government has no business providing mental health services to our kids.

Contact Londa Rohlfing if you want to help TAKE ACTION as WTP of West TN.

We have seen the best results in communities around the country when LARGE GROUPS stand together at schools and at hospitals. We advocate strongly for CIVILITY but STRENGTH in numbers.

*** PDF of AJ's Presentation Slides - Click on the box below to Download to your own computer.

Download PDF • 3.61MB

Informative Interviews with AJ Depriest THE HIGHWIRE WITH DEL BIGTREE SHOW DR SHERRY TENPENNY SHOW The Sandy Rios Show on AFR Radio Children's Health Defense Article - this is RFK Jr. group ... Interview on John Fredericks Show - good on hospital issue Rob Schilling Show - both Education and Hospitals Robyn Openshaw Vibe Show

Here are the two of the resources AJ gave us for finding good primary care doctors to manage Covid with EARLY Treatment.


Download PDF • 98KB

Download PDF • 3.31MB

Video Clip Shared at the Potluck about the Constitution

IS from Patriot Academy.


Their classes are FREE and WTP hope to offer these classes to the public and in churches. If you'd like more information, or to help in this effort, contact Londa:

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