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AJ DePriest Covid $ Information - Patriot Potluck 3/3/22

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

As will be shared at our Patriot Potluck 3/3/22, find below buttons that will link you to the PDF Informational Documents. Download and SHARE! Demand that our community leaders be bold and choose to follow moral guidelines and NOT the almighty dollar.

AJ DePriest is a policy analyst with a degree in Healthcare Administration. She has co-authored a plan for legislators, professionals from MT healthcare and insurance industries, the Heritage Foundation, CATO Institution, and the National Center for Policy Analysis. In January 2021, she founded Free States project TN to gather voices and steer topics for TN Liberty Network - a 27 member think tank instrumental in supplying state lawmakers with actionable intel on issues ranging from Covid mandates to illegal immigration, election integrity, and government-run education. AJ also led in forming The Adam Group, helping to prevent Covid and to advance effective home treatment for Covid-19.

To download and view on your device/ click on the downward arrow at the right of each box below.

Download PDF • 3.31MB

Download PDF • 98KB

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