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AJ De Priest - Next Steps since HB/2486 failed

"Fascistbook has throttled TN Liberty Network 100%. The only way you see our posts is to go directly to our group page, and even then most posts are blocked from view. People trying to find TN Liberty Network to join tell me we don't even come up in FB search engines.

We have news to share that is of immediate concern, so I'm posting this in all groups of interest. But first, a quick overview of the failure of the Patient Bill of Rights Act in our Tennessee General Assembly last week.

As you all know, HB2486 (Patient Bill of Rights Act) died on the vine March 1, before it was even heard in the House Health Subcommittee. Rep David Byrd motioned to hear the bill. No other member of the committee seconded the motion--and the bill was dead. DEAD.

Certain Big Med/Big Pharma organizations in Tennessee applauded the bill's death, saying it was "dangerous" legislation and citizens would have abused the tenets of the proposed law.

What was so "dangerous" about this bill? Let's take a brief look:

• Hospital treatment protocols. Patients and their families would have a right to refuse a particular course of treatment (medications/devices) and choose another. Hospitalists who do not agree with the patient's choice can decline their assistance and another doctor can step in. Hospitalists who choose to agree with the patient's choices cannot be punished by the hospital or by overreaching regulatory agencies.

NOW, patients in all US hospitals are only administered ONE protocol via NIH/CDC guidelines and are refused any other treatments. In many cases, patients are forced to take medications and devices against their will, after having refused in writing and verbally.

In the last two years, doctors all across America have been punished and fired from hospitals for attempting to provide alternate treatments to patients.

• Emergency Use Authorized treatments. Patients would have a right to choose treatments from among ALL available treatments, not just treatments forced on them via NIH/CDC guidelines.

NOW, patients have only ONE choice for treatment, and despite EUA laws, they are not told of other treatments and are not given the option to refuse one in favor of another.

• Transfer or release from care. Patients would be allowed to transfer to a different hospital or leave the hospital via hospice or "against medical advice."

NOW, patients are refused transfer to any other hospital and are refused release (to hospice, for example), even when families have power of attorney and conservatorships. Patients are held in hospitals against their will.

• 24/7 advocate support. Patients would have the ability to choose an advocate to be by their side 24/7 in any area of the hospital, and this advocate would speak for the patient if he or she becomes incapacitated.

NOW, patients are not allowed to have a personal advocate; or a patient advocate is assigned by the hospital. This means the advocate works FOR THE HOSPITAL. Patients have a right to choose their own advocate who will act in his or her best interest. This has always been a mainstay for healthcare--prior to January 2020.

• Freedom from restraint and sedation. Patients and their advocates would have the ability to refuse restraints and sedation and would not be forced to accept them against their will.

NOW, patients are routinely sedated and restrained against their will and without prior knowledge and consent. More egregiously, patients are sedated, restrained, and then left alone for up to two days at a time with no food or water and no personal care, leaving patients lying in their own waste.

• Rooming with family. Patients with a family member in the hospital would be able to room with that family member.

NOW, if more than one member of a family are hospitalized, they are separated in different rooms.

• Organ transplant rights protection. Patients who choose not to get the cvd shot would not be discriminated against by removing him or her from transplant wait lists.

NOW, thousands of transplant hopefuls across the country have been removed from transplant lists and refused transplants because they chose not to get the shot.

• No discrimination for hospital admission or treatment. Patients who choose not to get the cvd shot would not be refused treatment or mistreated or treated differently because of their right to choose.

NOW, patients across the nation are being treated differently and even mistreated in hospitals because of their shot status.

• Patient rights notification. Hospitals would have to re-instate their pre-cvd patient bill of rights; patients would be given the hospital's patient bill of rights on admission; and those rights would be publicly posted throughout the hospital.

NOW, CMS granted waivers to US hospitals to disregard and ignore their patient bill of rights. Some hospitals have even told patients and families they do not have a patient bill of rights.

Do you see anything "dangerous" in this proposed legislation? No? Of course not. It's all "common sense" material. It's shocking that we even have to try and legislate these ideas.

But there is plenty in this bill that high-paid lobbyists and globalist organizations like the American (and Tennessee) Hospital Association should fear. Why? Because every one of these tenets would bring the torrential flow of cash into hospitals to a screeching halt. Every needless cvd death in our hospitals would come to an abrupt end with the passage of HB2486/SB2276.

The bill is dead and gone. But WE are not finished with this fight.

A focused team within TN Liberty Network has been working for several months on the research behind deadly incentivized hospital treatment for cvd patients. Our intention all along has been to release this research to the public--whether the Patient Bill of Rights Act passed or not.

Our plan was to wait until after the Patient Bill of Rights Act passed, then publicly release our research. Now that the bill is dead, we have not wavered from our original intent.


Remember the ARP Act ESSER III funding investigation we completed and released the first week of January on The Highwire with Del Bigtree? It went viral within 24 hours. We built a nationwide network to help citizens take down their power structures using the evidence showing money for CDC requirements. It's happening.

Our investigation and research on the hospital cvd deaths and protocols is so much bigger--because it PROVES our federal government systematically eliminated almost 1 million citizens and paid hospitals exorbitant piles of money to do it.

Our research shows who is responsible, how they did it, and why they did it. The entire money trail leads to the CARES Act, which gave unlimited power and authority to alphabet agencies like HHS, CMS, NIH, CDC, NAIAD, among others.

We have thousands of pages of research we are aggregating into one comprehensive white paper. That white paper will be released to the public with all sources noted. Every shred of evidence will be laid out for the world to see.

In short, we are burning this bitch down. And every faithless lawmaker and elected official who allowed this travesty of life and justice to occur will be lost in the fire. Every doctor and healthcare worker who took part in this nightmare who covered themselves with the blanket statement, "I'm just doing my job," will be lost in the fire. Every hospital CEO and Chief Medical Officer who knew what was happening and took the money will be lost in the fire.

Are we destroying the current traditional healthcare system? Yes. But we are also here to tell you that a new, alternate and parallel healthcare system is rising from the ashes to bring back true health care, not symptom management through big pharma. We are bringing back true doctor-patient relationships, not doctors controlled by big pharma neglecting their patients for profits.

The world is changing, folks. Despite the gloom and doom we see on the news every day, some things are changing for the better.

Stay tuned. We'll let you know when our latest research drops. Buy popcorn and marshmallows. It's going to be one hell of a fire.""

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