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Don't Be Fooled - Religious Freedom is NOT in HB1867

Per Gary Humble of Tennessee Stands - a conservative we TRUST...

"Last week we released a commentary on HB 1867 clearly pointing out that while the statement from the General Assembly is that it will secure religious exemptions for healthcare workers, reading the bill will show you that it will do no such thing.

Now the companion bill, SB 1823, is making its way through the Senate and despite an acknowledgment by Sen. Jack Johnson that he has received this information from his constituents and "some group," he continues to make the case that this bill will indeed secure religious exemptions.

Well, he is wrong.

Passing this bill will indeed codify into state law that an employer has a right to deny a medical and religious exemption with a "written statement" and may discharge or threaten to discharge an employee on that basis."

Be sure to watch his honestly-explained video below...

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