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CARES ACT Hiding Covid $ - Bribing Hospitals and School Boards

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Administrator Lori McManus says this is a great one to which to listen and learn. There's Oh so much we aren't being told.

Action ideas?

If this is what is YOUR 'Hot Button' Issue, please go to these Action Groups and join them for more info and conversation.

* Pro-Life/Medical Freedom

* Local TN Education

Watch/listen and take time to Comment Below.

For yet ANOTHER hard-hitting interview with AJ Depriest - listen to this Sandy Rios in the Morning - AFA Radio Podcast!!!

Murder for Money is actually happening in our hospitals here in TN and all over the country.

Learn and KNOW - and take time to SHARE and connect with us to ACT to put a stop to this. Join our Action Group: Pro-Life/Medical Freedom.

Comment Below.

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