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Chris Todd Speaks to WTP 12-14-23 + Pizza + Party

Sixty five conservative Christians gathered to celebrate Christmas together with games led by Ray Condray after enjoying Pizza and salad provided at $5, coordinated and served by Susan Davidson, Kaye Bobbit and Sherry Carwile. Representative Chris Todd spoke about the threats to our liberties here in TN from the Chinese Communist Party and other concerns about which need to be informed. Notes on Rep. Todd's presentation will ber added to this post as soon as they are proofed by Rep. Todd.

The following was provided by Rep. Todd, and available at the tables for each attendee.

Action Items for threats from the CCP

Property ownership in TN:

HB0040 passed and is now law; prohibits ownership of property by anyone from a country sanctioned by the US.

ESG/Net Zero Alliance:

1. Strengthen fiduciary responsibility laws

2. State of TN retain proxy votes

3. Make it clear to banks the State does business with that we do not participate in the Net Zero scheme


1. Prohibit state & local procurement of CCP-owned/manufactured electronics

2. Force replacement of sensitive equipment

3. HB1445 became law and prohibits access to TikTok on state higher campus WiFi

Physical Threats:

1. Secure the borders

2. Be watchful & report suspicions

3. Explain to others the exponentially serious dangers of illegal substances that are likely laced with deadly fentanyl


Be involved and informed. This organization needs you to stay in touch, share thoughts and information, and respond appropriately to calls for action.  Emails and phone calls to state elected officials mean something!

Members also generously brought gifts for the children of The Dream Center, which were kindly delivered the next day by John Policky. See some pctures below.

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