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8-10-23 Spawning a Sister Group: Madison County Constitutional Republicans with Kurt Riley

The Delta Room at Old Country Store was packed (71!) with WTP members and conservatives from 4 other counties to hear how Kurt Riley and his Sumner County Constitutional Republican CLUB (SCR) managed to get 31 candidates ELECTED to vitally important positions in Sumner County.

Ray Condray announced the Madison County Constitutional Republican CLUB as the first 'sister' group of what Kurt has now established: TN Constitutional Republicans. Read the 'Letter to We the People Members' on our Facebook Page and HOME at this website to understand that WTP has 'spawned' this group, but it is totally SEPARATE from WTP. Will we share members? Very likely so - but taking over this 'political arm' will free up WTP to do even MORE!!! This group will be meeting at 9 am on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Contact Ray to let him know you want to help through the new website:

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