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01-12-22 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 1-12-22

01-12-22 Meeting Minutes

We the People of West TN
Jan. 12, 2002
Old Country Store - Heritage Room
11-1 pm Luncheon

16 people were present for this 5th meeting of WTP
Ray Condray led us in prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ray gave a good summary of WHY WTP exists, reviewing our Mission Statement:

“To connect and educate with the purpose of motivating citizens to act in order to preserve our Constitutional Republic.”

Political Affiliation/Candidate Endorsement
Ray took this opportunity to make it clear that while we are a group describing itself as ‘Conservative Christian Patriots’, that does not intentionally align us with either political party (Democrat or Republican). Rather, according to our Mission as adopted above on 10-25-21, we seek to educate, and motivate.

Membership in this group does not mean support. We do not financially support or promote any candidate. Therefore, while we enjoy productive discussion around all candidates, WTP of West TN does not endorse ANY candidate for office. That means that we are actively working to help find candidates for office that align with our mission. Additionally, WTP will not be endorsing any candidate, but working to canvas and publicize candidate’s positions on issues important to preserving our constitutional republic.

SCHOOLS - Jackson/Madison County Schools
Administrators and the majority of WTP members so far are residents of Madison County, so it is this School Board with which we are most concerned. Two of our members: Julia Howell and Marcia Moss have indicated interest in candidacy. Of available seats, Julia’s in District 6 looks to be a seat for which a conservative candidate would be ideal.

Included on the Meeting Handout (copy attached),
List of the School Board seats open for election. Petitions need to be picked up, signed, and returned by Feb. 12.
List of pointed questions from Convention of States to ask candidates. Additional questions are most welcome. Please send any ideas to Londa at

To clarify the political affiliation declaration for school board candidates: According to new TN State Law, school board candidates ARE ALLOWED TO declare a political party, but do not HAVE to do so. Existing school board members do not need to declare a political party.

WTP Goal for local School Board Election:
Finalize a School Board Candidate Questionnaire.
Send Questionnaire to declared candidates.
Assemble answers to Questionnaire for School Board as a Category in our comprehensive (all positions on ballot ) WTP Voter Guide in time for May 3, 2022 County Primary.
WTP Voter Guide to be distributed via our Website, Social Media, any public radio/tv possible, and personally. A skilled WTP member present said he could make this into an APP.

Londa shared positive information about a ‘committee’ concerned with educational standards and freedom of teachers to report problems (without fear of losing their jobs) here in our local public schools: this committee is slated to meet next week and consists of several very influential, concerned legislators/educators. Hold this in prayer at this time.

A list of objectionable books was distributed as found at
How can we possibly determine if these books are in our school’s libraries????

At Carol Swain’s American Dream Conference held 1-14/15-22, Londa learned that there exists an online method to access books in any school’s library! Stay Tuned…

Ray shared the exciting news of our new WTP Website. It is just launched, and many refinements are forth-coming, but it is a start. This will become our official place for communication without censorship, ACTION items, organization, and SO much MORE!

He reported that expenses to accomplish the platform, URL, and launch were $294 +, and initially funded by several of the Administrators of the group.

It would be appreciated if members would contribute to this expense. Full transparency of all funds spent and received will be available on the website. There was a $20 donation received. Your contributions are welcome - fund to this PayPal account:
While the Administrators of WTP truly do NOT want to have a bank account, it is obvious that some monetary needs will present themselves. Again, complete transparency will be included in an appropriate location at the website in the very near future.


Londa shared her experience attending Nashville on Tuesday as District Captain of Convention of States - TN Surge Day. She met with both Rep. Todd (R) and Rep Johnny Shaw (D) and reported friendly, positive conversations with both regarding the progress of Convention of States and the huge grassroots growth (27%) of constitutional activists all over the country.

LOCAL Biblical Citizenship Class will be offered (first at a church in the area), at Cumberland Presbyterian Church on 45 Bypass on Wednesday nights 6:30-8 pm starting Wed., Jan. 19 for 8 weeks. Registration for this FREE class is available by calling the church 731-664-1632 . If you want a workbook $20), you can reserve it when you register by calling, or online at:

It is also a possibility that Rep. Shaw (a pastor) might offer this class at his church. ALL members of WTP are encouraged to ask questions, take this class, and contact Londa for help to get this great class offered in MANY churches in our area. A National class started Jan. 10 and can easily and for FREE at this link:

This class is 8 weeks long, but can ALSO be offered as a full weekend. Call Londa for details: 217-369-4687.

MEMBERS present represent the great group of patriots our group is assembling:
A member who was actually AT the 1-6-21 D.C. event who shared the reality of the event from her true personal experience.
Aaron Myers: a Helicopter pilot with Air Evac (great medical transportation insurance ya’ll should consider - learn more at, shared the challenge of the ‘vaccine’ for he and fellow pilots. A definite prayer concern.
Robin Jackson: a forensic IT expert who knows Russian and ALL about voter integrity and ways to insure it at our polls.

Peggy Ramsay closed in prayer.

Respectfully offered by Londa Rohlfing

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