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Info Summary from
Aundrea Gomez Speach 6-1-23
From Aundrea on 6-2

Thank you for the opportunity to speak to We The People. Here's what you will find in this email:

1. Woke Education slides-see below

2. For those that want to get involved in election integrity please visit and sign up. We have a weekly zoom every Friday at 11am CST.

3. TEDCO registration HERE

4. Grassroots Development Training









This is a 90 minute training(in person or via zoom) that focuses on:

-gaining access and developing influence with elected officials. 

-The legislative process in TN (how a bill gets passed and how to be effective from home)

I can come to you and do this training in person, OR you can invite your group to register for the next zoom training on Sat 6/24 at 8am HERE


Aundrea Gomez

Citizens For Renewing America,

Tennessee Director

Select Especially Valuable Images of

Aundrea's PowerPoint Presentation


Be on 'look-out' for words 'Sustainable Development' 

Marxism at it's what this ALL is about!  'Global Citizens' is what the goal is for our children, NOT being a Proud American Citizen!  

What you see highlighted above is the best, most concise summary of their goals...happening underneath our noses in our public schools, and likely in private schools as well.  Our college education graduates have been indoctrinated with these principles for the  last 30+ years! 

The above is exactly how 'discipline' is handled in our schools - per Aundrea, and VERIFIED by a young teacher from JMCSS - recently 'let go'.  This is exactly WHY many more experienced older teachers are leaving the profession - retiring, and doing so earlier than they would have liked. 

Is this not EXACTLY what is 'hitting the fan' in our news - on both national, state, AND local levels???!!! 

Screen Shot 2023-06-03 at 2.55.18 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-06-04 at 3.54.13 PM.png

Click on the Podcast image above to listen/learn how Marxism has infiltrated even our churches and many pastors' thinking.  

This Podcast (click on image to find/subscribe will 'blow your mind' as you come to understand exactly WHY our children canNOT read!  

Sold a Story: How Teaching Kids to Read Went So Wrong

There's an idea about how children learn to read that's held sway in schools for more than a generation — even though it was proven wrong by cognitive scientists decades ago. Teaching methods based on this idea can make it harder for children to learn how to read. In this podcast, host Emily Hanford investigates the influential authors who promote this idea and the company that sells their work. It's an exposé of how educators came to believe in something that isn't true and are now reckoning with the consequences — children harmed, money wasted, an education system upended.

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