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Totally Without Excuse! Read & Listen, then CALL & Write...

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

As AJ DePriest shared at our Patriot Potluck, the Health Sub-Committee failed to even hear Tennesseans who had traveled to testify on behalf of the Patient's Rights Bill HB 2486.

To TAKE ACTION rightfully expressing your disappointment (I'm being nice here...) with your 'representative's behavior', clicking on the link below will take you to the article in the TN Conservative paper. Scroll down to find emails and phones for the 7 Republican members who utterly FAILED to represent/defend/advocate for - or even allow to HEAR the PEOPLE!

In my calls - I was told by David Byrd's office that the bill will be RE-Introduced on Tuesday, March 8. AJ DePriest says that is not the case.

But I say - go ahead and call and put these 'representatives' NOTICE! I got different stories from many with whom I spoke, and at this point do not know what is the truth. Nonetheless - call them! Burn up the phone lines.....

Bryan Terry - Chairman: 615-741-2180

David Byrd - 615-741-2190

Mark Hall - 615-741-1350

Sabi Kumar 615-741-2860 per AJ, though a Dr and a Republican, anything BUT conservative.

Pat Marsh - 615-741-6824

Bob Ramsey - 615-741-3560 per Gary Humble, was in charge and could have even 2nded the motion himself.

Paul Sherrell - 615-741-1963

Robin Smith - 615-741-2548 Gary Humble reports in the video below that Rep Smith who was to 2nd the motion, and failed to show up - enjoys a pension from PFIZER!

Before you call/write, you might want to hear even MORE from Gary Humble of TN Stands.

Watch this video:

I need to now go and take a walk - to lower my blood pressure having called each of these 'representatives'. I apologize for lack of 'respect' in this Blog, but right now - and after hearing everything at the potluck, I just don't have much 'respect' within my spirit for those who seem to have much respect for us, the citizens whom they are to 'represent and serve'.

PLEASE COMMENT below - especially to report that YOU also made phone calls.

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