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Man as God's 'Deputy'

Today I heard a wonderful episode on one of my favorite weekly podcasts: Biblical Citizen with Kathleen and Brian Melonakos. HERE is a link to that Blog so that you may listen as well - I pray that you do, and share this with many of your friends.

The pastor interviewed is P. Andrew Sandlin, founder of Christian Culture. Check out more at

The discussion is so very interesting.... they way Sandlin puts it is that in Genesis 1, man is placed in domion,

like 'deputized' by God to take care of and rule the earth. An enlightening discussion and spotlight is shown on the competing ideas so popular over the last 150 years of Escapism and Piotism - that one's personal private relationship with God is the MOST important part of Christianity. Find that portion of the discussion starting about 3:20 into the podcast.

Please post your comments below. Is this new thinking for you, or, like for me - what burns in your soul and compels you to action??

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