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Tennessee Christian Patriots who are concerned regarding the path of our state and country. 
We stand for  TRUTH as found in the Holy Bible and our Constitution enforced as it was written. 

It's time to play offense with a sense of urgency. 
Have a Patriot Group like Ours? 

We feel our power is in NUMBERS.  Therefore, we seek to pool our resources and Patriots.  Please CONTACT us as below if you are a member of a similar group and want to discuss how we can WORK TOGETHER TO SAVE OUR STATE AND COUNTRY based upon our  CONSTITUTIONAL & CHRISTIAN FOUNDING PRINCIPLES 

Keeping Children Away from the
Jackson Pride Drag Show Performance  

We the People of West TN plus bold and courageous pastors and church leaders as listed below and Rep. Chris Todd, and Sen. Ed Jackson worked tirelessly to bring about VICTORY for the safety of our children! 

Listen to Ray's report.  Click on the PDF icon below to read the Injunction itself that the lawyer we worked together to hire managed to bring before the Chancery Court.  

  • Garry Martin - 1st Assembly of God

  • Adam Dooley - Englewood Baptist Church 

  • Aaron O'Kelley - Cornerstone Community Church

  • JP Stoval - Victory Worship Center

  • Richard Bragg - Poplar Heights Baptist Church

  • Terry Henley - 1st Cumberland Presbyterian Church

  • Wade Cash - Gospel Light Baptist Church

  • Scott dunaway - Middlefork Road Baptist Church

  • Jared O'Koth - The Light of the Nations International Ministries

  • John Hatley - Bible Grove Baptist Church

  • Tim Bass - Meridian Baptist Church 




There may well be other Pastors who stood boldly and announced this issue and our Prayer (and now PRAISE Gathering) at last Sunday/Wednesday services and/or congregational communication in some manner. 

If so - PLEASE add them to the list with a  Comment at our Facebook Page, and email us so that we can add their names here at our website.   We feel strongly that God has used this 'event' to 'waken the sleeping giant', calling the churches to rise up and stand boldly on God's Word. 

In fact, that will be the topic of

our WTP meeting on Nov. 10: 

TRUTH about 'Separation of Church & State'

Learn what churches ARE allowed to do here in our country according to our Constitution.  Mark your calendars and share with your pastors: 

Nov. 10 at Old Country Store.  


WHAT:  Community Prayer Gathering

                     for the City of Jackson 

WHEN:  Sat. aft. Oct. 8   3-5 pm  



Despite our Victory as above, this issue will NOT be going away.  Legislators and other elected officials need to clarity and put TEETH into laws that protect our civil society and the Community Standards of the majority of the people.  

See sponsoring companies and let them know WHY you will no longer avail yourself of their services. 
Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 8.04.49 AM.png
Gary Humble Encouraged ACTION 

A great crowd listened to Gary speak on elections, amendments, and drag queens Oct. 18 at the Old Country Store.  His complete explanations of so much helped us realize that here in Tennessee - we MUST draw the line in the sand NOW.  Not here - NOT in Tennessee as one of the stalwart conservative family-loving and God-honoring states left.  

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 10.37.08 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-09 at 6.32.43 PM.png

Take a great survey put out by TN Stands that will be used to help guide the next legislative session! 

Click on the image above. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 10.40.01 AM.png

Listen to Gary on the Wed. podcast by clicking

on image above.  

Nov. 10 'Separation of Church & State' is NOT in the Constitution! Come and learn TRUTH.  BRING your Pastors!  
Dec. 8   To be announced.  



The Delta Room at the Old Country Store for the 2nd Thurs. of each month.
Dine 5-6.  Program 6-8 pm
Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 8.17_edited.jpg

Dr. Dobson's Family Talk Broadcast interviewed the author of Mama Bear Apologetics on 7-19. 

Click on the picture above to go listen!

Broadcast of 7-18 is GREAT as well.    

WTP exists to connect, educate and activate to preserve our free and moral society.  To accomplish that, we need to TAKE ACTION!  Texts are sent, but we've now set up this NEW PAGE on our Website:  TAKE ACTION!  

Thanks to DONATIONS, we now have a nice collection of books/DVDs addressing this 'Protect our Kids' challenge, election integrity and more.  Click on the link below to see the titles.  Contact Londa to borrow. 


We NEED YOUR HELP to meet the challenge of Protecting our Kids! 

More than posting our anger and alarm on social media...

we need to TAKE ACTION - loving action. Click HERE


A.J. DePriest presented facts about Covid, ESSER funds to our public schools back in March.  Click on the 'A-PDF' icon to access that paper. 

Her group:  TN Liberty Network has now released another 'white paper': 

Follow the Money:  Blood Money in U.S. Healthcare Financial Incentives:  The Use of "Covered Countermeasures" 

Click on the ATT - Paper clip icon here to access. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 10.36.15 PM.png

AJ DePriest of TN Liberty Network 

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