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2000 Mules - I'm hoping you listen to sources sharing about this movie. You can watch Sat., 7 pm May 7 for just $20 - VERY worth it to be 'in the know'. From my study of the Constitution, this ridiculous blatant abuse was beyond even the imagination of our Founders - even though they well recognized the sinful nature of man. Heard Glenn Beck talk about it on show 5/5/22 and there is just no way to totally 'UNDO' the election, even with this proof - is Glenn's opinion.

Election reform on a national level is CERTAINLY something we could pressure Congress to do according to Article 5 - Section 1: Both houses would need to propose and pass an Amendment Proposal with 2/3 voting to do that. The other way is for 2/3 of the States to request it - but this takes time and great effort - as we see in the current Convention of States movement.

There's NO WAY I'd know that if it weren't for my taking the Biblical Citizenship class, folks! I've snapped a pic from my book - the Constitution in the back and posted it below. WTP is sponsoring that class June 11-12 at Old Country Store. Click on the link above to register.

- once we get control of both again - hopefully, November 2022!

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