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Don't miss this 'tidbit' as I just read in today's Coffee & Covid Newsletter by attorney Jeff Childers from FL...

"The Hill ran an article this week headlined, “Census blunder may tip 2024 to Democrats.” Not another one!

It seems the Census Bureau admitted it blundered while tallying up the official population figures following the 2020 elections, and — this is going to shock you — the errors resulted in DEMOCRAT states getting a bunch of additional house representatives and electors that they don’t deserve. For example, Florida and Texas each failed to receive representatives and electors they should have gotten, while New York and California each got more reps and electors than they were due.

The Hill estimated that using correct numbers would shift the electoral college toward Republicans by 7%. In other words, it’s worth about 20 electoral college votes, about as much as one large state; for example, Michigan has 16 votes.

I realize you’re probably upset about this, but you should understand that the Census Bureau greatly regrets the error and any inconvenience that it may have inadvertently caused. Unfortunately, since the districts have already been drawn, there’s simply nothing it can do until the next census cycle comes around, which is coming AFTER the 2024 elections. But at least they owned up to their mistake, right?

No one was fired or disciplined as a result of the ‘error.’ Because they’re only human. Don’t be a fascist."

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