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DID you know that we are half way to calling a Convention of States as provided for in Article 5 of our Constitution? For hearing a total history from the founder of this nation-wide movement, attend this webinar: Here's the invitation I received for next Wed. night - 7 pm our time:

"Londa, A night you won't want to miss. It's been a huge week for Convention of States. With Nebraska and Wisconsin both passing within days of one another, we're now halfway to calling the first-ever Article V Convention of States.

The future looks bright, which is why we wanted to pause and reflect on how this historic movement began. Join us Wednesday, February 9, at 8pm ET to hear from Convention of States co-founder and President & CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom, Dr. Michael Farris! Dr. Farris will share what led him to found Convention of States with Mark Meckler and offer his thoughts on being halfway to Convention. He'll also discuss how Convention of States patriots can continue to fight against the tyranny being imposed by the federal government.It promises to be an eye-opening evening, and you don't want to miss it!


For America, The Convention of States Team"

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