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FACT Statement on Parental Rights and Transgender Legislation

FACT released today the following statement concerning the negative impact of litigation over Senate Bill 1/House Bill 1 addressing “gender affirming case” provided to minors may have on the nature and scope of parental rights.

An amendment has been offered to the House and Senate Republican Leadership by FACT to counter the ACLU’s version of parental rights that will be used in federal court as the basis for its claim that the proposed law is unconstitutional. The proposed amendment is at this link. It shows the language of the provision in the bill at issue, the two sentences in that provision that FACT believes must be removed, and the addition (in red font) that we believe must be made.

To date, no response has been given by Senate or House leadership to our request that the offered amendment be adopted.

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    In this episode, at about 15', Dennis Prager's common sense reigns and gives good guidance to the challenge we have to remove or at least restrict access to the ridiculously offfensive LGBTQ materials at the library.... no public place, or retail establishment, nor sport team should be making any celebration of that realm.... they don't of Christianity, any other religion, political stance..... so why - especially the Transgender stuff? It just does NOT make sense!!!

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    This is a really good discussion! Please listen. I pray that this 'Board' can become more active as we work together to battle the EVIL that is even here locally - especially in our public library.

    Please contact me if you want to become active in a well-thought-out, prayerful path to ridding our library - or at least putting the scuz that they have used our tax payer dollars to buy - behind a curtain accessible only to 18 and older.

  • I made a comment on a post yesterday about the drag queen show and all I said was I am not from Jackson but I did think the show should be allowed and Facebook restricted my page and said my comment went against their community standards. I disagreed with them but nothing will change.

  • Be aware, Christian Patriots.... is this something for our community in a public park? What/how/do those of us who disagree with this lovingly disagree and speak to this is the question at hand. I called the city and complained and will be speaking with my city council representative, Paul Taylor about it. If we ALL called and did the same....we might well get some action to stop this. It takes more than social media commiserating to make change. The time has come to s… See more

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