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Legislative Update: Key Bills going into committees this week.

Several bills that we have been tracking are making their way through committees this week. We'll lay out all of the information here. Please note that you have SEVERAL opportunities to take action on these bills and get involved in the legislative process. Here is how you can engage in the order of importance.

  1. Call members of the committees and let them know that you support the bill. Click on the provided links below to access contact information for the relevant legislators on each bill.

  2. Show up in person at the Cordell Hull Building and attend the hearings. Hearing times and rooms are listed below.

  3. Email legislators and show your support using the tools on our Take Action Page if you have not done so.

HB 1870 - Hulsey

Health Care – As introduced, prohibits a licensing board or disciplinary subcommittee from taking action against a physician’s license based solely on the physician’s recommendations to a patient regarding treatment for COVID-19 subject to certain conditions; prohibits a pharmacy from blocking or attempting to block a patient’s access to COVID-19 treatments in certain circumstances.

Health Subcommittee Tuesday, March 1st at 12:00 pm House Hearing Room 2

HB 2486 - Warner

Healthcare Recipient Rights Act (see special note)

Health Care – Ensures that patients and residents in medical facilities would have access to medical treatments regardless of vaccination status, allowed visitation by family members and advocates in the case of an inability to make one’s medical decisions, and a requirement for informed consent for treatments authorized for emergency use only.

Health Subcommittee Tuesday, March 1st at 12:00 pm House Hearing Room 2

Organizers are asking to pack the room on this one. Doctors are coming in for testimony. Families who have lost loved ones in hospitals will be testifying.

*You are asked to wear red to show your support.

Come early to secure a seat. You may also watch the hearing on the screens in the hallways.

Do you have a personal story of losing a loved one to COVID in a medical facility due to protocols and were you denied access to your loved one? Please email your personal story to

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