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Medical Freedom /Truth About Covid

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I've called and written to Ed Jackson, our TN Senator that I am VERY DISAPPOINTED that he voted against this bill.

Will you TAKE ACTION and do the same?


SJR 0993 sponsored by Senator Janice Bowling would have proposed an amendment to our constitution in Article I (our Bill of Rights) to secure the right of every individual to make their own medical decisions without fear of reprisal.

As usual, this General Assembly here in Tennessee does not see it as a necessity to secure these rights, but instead believes that to some degree, governments have powers over your body and your medical decisions and that others have a right to force you into making medical decisions even to your own detriment.

It is worth noting that this committee was not even interested in having a discussion on the resolution. They just voted it down.

Senators voting NO in committee to your medical freedom.

Mike Bell (R) Todd Gardenhire (R) Sara Kyle (D) London Lamar (D) John Lundberg (R) Paul Rose (R) John Stevens (R) Ferrel Haile (R) Ed Jackson (R) Becky Massey (R) Shane Reeves (R) Bo Watson (R) Jeff Yarbro (D)

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