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Medical Freedom /Truth About Covid

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Florida Gov. DeSantis does it AGAIN! From Coffee & Covid: "After hearing from all the experts, the Governor and Surgeon General made a modest announcement that amounted to a political nuclear meltdown bigger than Chernobyl: as its official policy, Florida does NOT recommend jabs for healthy kids.


Personally, I think this scenario makes sense - elect DeSantis as President, and make Trump either the Secretary of State of - even better, the Speaker of the House (no, the Speaker does NOT have to be an elected official,) he can be 'elected' by the Congress.

And... to get control of our country even sooner, impeach and find guilty both Jo and Kamala after Republican Patriots take control of the Congress - then Appointing Trump as Speaker of the House. That way, we shorten the PAIN we are in with those two hooligans.

Anyway - ... read this from Coffee & Covid of 3-8-22:

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