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Current Jab/Covid news from a source I trust: attorney Jeff Childers down in FL - author of Coffee & Covid newsletter I enjoy every morning...

"The safe and effective jabs are just working great. The Hill ran a story this weekend headlined, “As Summer Begins, US COVID-19 Cases Six Times Higher Than Last Year.” My gosh! How could this have happened? A year ago we had a tiny fraction of jabbed people compared to now. How could cases be higher?

Well, experts are baffled because Johns Hopkins reported a seven-day average of 119,725 cases as of Saturday, compared to only 17,887 cases on May 28th of last year. That’s a big difference.

The Hill quickly rushed to explain that, even though cases are up, DEATHS are down. On Friday, the seven-day average of 470 deaths compared to 637 on the same day last year. So, it’s down, but not to the same degree that cases are up. And back during Narrative 1.0, deaths USED TO BE a lagging indicator. And, the Hill omits mention that the CDC changed the death counting definitions in January. So… who knows how it really compares?

Current covid cases are still well under this winter’s Omicron peak, so it’s not clear at all where things are headed yet. But this jump in cases seems to be breaking the seasonality curve for the first time, which is something to keep an eye on."

"Last week, CNBC reported on a newly-published Nature study in an article headlined, “Vaccines Offer Little Protection Against Long Covid, Study Finds.” Whoops! Yet another thing jabs don’t offer protection against.

The study found the risk of long covid in a fully vaccinated person was reduced only by about 15% compared to an unvaccinated person. That’s not much. CNBC gloomily described the study’s conclusions as “disappointing, if not surprising.”

But don’t blame the vaccines. The article quotes a cherry-picked expert who explained that the vaccines were originally developed “long before doctors, scientists and patients knew of the existence of long covid.” So it’s not their fault! And even after calling it “surprising” a few paragraphs before, CNBC said since nobody knew about long covid when they cooked up the vaccine, it’s totally NOT surprising the jabs don’t stop long covid. Apparently long covid is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT DISEASE than regular covid and needs its own separate vaccine or something.

See how great the jabs are? They can stop PART of covid — the severe illness part — but like a laser they slice off the long covid part. You need a different vaccine for that one. Same virus though. Trust us.

I’m old enough to remember when long covid was the main reason to take the vaccine. When people objected, “I don’t want the jab because I’m not in a group at high risk for severe covid,” the pro-jabbers would patiently explain like you were five, “true, but you could still get LONG COVID.” Meaning, the jabs would save you from the dire fate of forever covid with its list of over 200+ symptoms, and counting.

But now, it looks like they don’t have that argument anymore for taking the jabs. I wonder what argument they’ll come up with next?"

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