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Medical Freedom /Truth About Covid

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A TN Constitutional Amendment for medical freedom has been introduced. Read this from TN Stands

A constitutional amendment for medical freedom is on the calendar.

There are a lot of initiatives that we have been fighting for in the General Assembly. Bill after bill to secure bits and pieces of individual liberties, efforts to protect our kids, and to ensure that our elections are free and fair.

But we are also pursuing the long process of amending our state Constitution in order to secure the right of every individual to make their own medical decisions without the intervention or coercion of government or other individuals or entities. This should have always been a self-implied right to bodily integrity and God-given liberty to care for our own person and the health of our children. Incredibly, this right is now being significantly challenged and we believe that there is much more intrusion to come. We must secure this right now.

The process of amending the Constitution of the State of Tennessee is a long well it should be. Here is how it works.

  1. A resolution must pass both the House and the Senate by a majority vote of one General Assembly. In this case, SJR 993 is now submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee. It must pass out of committee, pass the Senate by majority, and then pass the House floor by majority.

  2. The resolution must then pass in the subsequent General Assembly by a 2/3's majority vote. In this case, this would be the 113th General Assembly (2023-2024).

  3. After passing that test, the resolution would then go to be voted on by the public in the next Gubernatorial election (in this case, 2026) and pass by simple majority.

So, if we start the process now, we could be voting on a medical freedom amendment to our Constitution in 2026. There is no time to waste.

Please take action by clicking on the button below and let the Senate Judiciary Committee know that you support SJR 993 and to send this resolution to the Senate floor for a vote.

Sen. Janice Bowling District 16

Senator Janice Bowling is the sponsor of this resolution.

Amend Article I of the Constitution of the State of Tennessee (Bill of Rights) to add:

"The right of a person to refuse any medical procedure, treatment, injection, vaccine, or prophylactic shall not be questioned or interfered with in any manner. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged to any person in this State because of the exercise of the right under this section."


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