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Medical Freedom /Truth About Covid

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From my favorite almost daily 'Coffe & Covid' Newsletter....Missouri can do it - so WHY NOT TN?????

"Slowly but surely. The Epoch Times ran a story last week headlined, “Missouri Bill Prevents Doctors Being Disciplined If They Prescribe Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine.” The bill, HB 2149, passed Missouri’s house in a lopsided 130-4 vote and is headed for the governor’s desk where it is expected to be signed.

For some reason, Missouri liberals were so livid they protested by pouring their soy lattes all over their avocado toast, which totally ruins it. They’re bellyaching that the bill “gags” pharmacists, because not only does the bill stop licensing boards from disciplining doctors for making independent medical decisions for their own patients, it also bans pharmacists from disputing the prescription unless a patient asks for their stupid advice. Otherwise, shut up and fill the prescription."

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