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Medical Freedom /Truth About Covid

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I LOVE the informative, clear-headed nature of this weekly podcast! From this week's of 3/31/21, especially at 41:24 where they share 16 Republican Senators' letter of 7.21.21 strongly urging Tennesseans to get the Covid-19 'vaccine'.

Just as they ask: Why when only 25 had to perish as a result of Swine flu, was it taken off the market, when 25K have been confirmed by the CDC as perishing from the Covid-19 'Vaccination' , are our Senators 'strongly' recommending' this action? What a good question!

I, for one, am going next this evening to write to ask Sen. Ed Jackson if he still stands behind this advice. How about you, fellow citizens of West TN?

Let's let Sen Ed Jackson hear from us, We The People of West TN! Don't miss the discussion of 'business rights'. Our Constitution does NOT protect a business, giving them inalienable rights, but rather gives that protection to us as citizens. I also think these wise gentlemen hit it on the head earlier in the Podcast where they observe that we no longer have a representative form of government representing the people, but rather representing special interests. Sad, but I fear...true. This is obviously the case when you see all of the constitutional amendments that totally failed this session of the TN legislature. Please go listen.

Here's a link to the letter to which they refer:

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