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So last night I was just chatting with my 11 year old daughter who goes to Community Montessori here in Jackson! She, out of nowhere, said that Ms Ryan’s class had been outside drawing LGBTQ rainbow flags everywhere with sidewalk chalk yesterday afternoon. Other children were whispering about how it had been going on all day. This was the one school where I thought my child was being taught not brainwashed and now I have questions as to what is really going on! She has also explained to me that next year, 7th grade, there will be “sex lectures,” in her words! Now this coupled with that has really got me concerned. What can we do as group to address this? Children should be allowed to be children. They should be taught how to read, write, mathematics, history etc., not about sex and sexuality and they should certainly not be brainwashed!

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    Focus on public EDUCATION here in TN. Here is YOUR place to...

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