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Local TN Public Education

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Ya'll need to know about this that has occurred here in Jackson Public Schools..... Help this HIT THE FAN.

from Josh Hogg on his Facebook Page:

"I am officially done with the Jackson Madison County School System!!! Two girls stole Skyler Hogg,s blue line flag off his truck during school yesterday and threw it by the dumpster. My son's goes and gets it and informs a teacher and the principal. The principle, Dr. Lewis, at Early College High calls Whitney Hogg lastnight and tells her he would like it if Skyler would leave his flag at home when he comes to school. I told Skyler to keep his flag on his truck and fly it proudly. He goes to school this morning and a teacher walks outside and tells him the principal told him he had to confiscate the flag and Skyler had to meet with the principal. Skyler calls me and tells me he is being suspended. I go up to the school and meet with this principle who goes on to tell me that it's causing a disturbance so he can't have it on his truck. This is a violation of his 1st amendment right. Not only that but they are making a bigger deal out of Skyler bringing a blue line flag to school than they did when he was shot with a BB gun at baseball pratice. Everyone please share, FB will only let me tag 99 ppl. The Jackson Madison County School System needs to be held accountable."

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    Focus on public EDUCATION here in TN. Here is YOUR place to...

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