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Say this or something close: "As a concerned citizen of Tennessee I realize the importance of accountability and I am asking you to vote YES on House Bill 2388. If this Bill is good for one County in Tennessee then it should be applicable to all Counties."

House Bill 2388 amends a bill passed last year making it possible for ALL public TN school boards to recall a member for improper representation. Below are the members of the Education Administration Committee. Please call and email each of them, asking them to support HB/2388.

Rep. Mark White 615-741-4415

Rep. Chris Hurt 615-741-2134

Rep. Charlie Baum 615-741-6849

Rep. Michele Carringer 615-741-4389

Rep Glen Casada 615-741-4389

Rep. Scott Cepicky 615-741-3005

Rep John Clemmons 615-741-4410

Rep. Mark Cochran 615-741-1725

Rep John Gillespie 615-741-8201

Rep Yusef Hakeem 6156-741-2702

Rep. Kirk Haston 615-741-0750

Rep. Justin Lafferty 615-741-4110

Rep. Harold Love 615-741-3831

Rep. Antonio Parkinson 615-741-4575

Rep. John Ragan 615-741-4400

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