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Tennessee Stands is an organization representing conservative patriots here in TN that I totally respect and trust. Here is what they sent in an email to me the other day which so very well summarizes what TN Patriots expect from the current legislative session:

"Get to know our 2022 Legislative Priorities! These are the bills we support.

The 2022 legislative session in Tennessee's 112th General Assembly is now in full swing and we need your support over the next few weeks. As time passes, these bills will be assigned to committees and we'll be asking you to call or email your legislators in support of these critical efforts.

There are several bills that we are supporting, but here are our top priorities.

  1. End medical discrimination based on vaccination status here in Tennessee.

  2. Better voter roll maintenance at the county and state levels.

  3. Elect the use of secure paper ballots.

  4. Give voters the right to recall school board members.

Please visit the website via the link below and get to know the bills that we are supporting. There, you can track the bills, download the bills, and find which legislators are sponsoring bills that you would like to see passed in our state.

This site will be continually updated as we learn more about the bills that have been submitted. Also, as bills move through committees, we will provide links that will allow you to take immediate action via phone calls and emails to encourage our lawmakers to support these efforts. So, please bookmark this page and check back for opportunities to act.

Please use our FIND YOUR LEGISLATORS tool to get contact information for your state representative and state senator.

One of the first things you can do is contact your Tennessee state legislators about these bills (found on our website) and ask that they co-sponsor the bill. Please do not send these requests to your US Congressmen or US Senator (they are not involved with your state legislature).

Let's engage in this process. Together, we can have an impact that will continue to secure our liberties here in Tennessee."

Here is a link to see all of the legislation to which they refer:

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