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Church/Clergy Involvement in the Public Square

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LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD - respectfully and with the love of Jesus.

We the People of West TN encourage their members and citizens to make their voices be heard regarding local events that they find contrary to community and personal standards - most especially when it comes to situations affecting our children. The following information is provided to help you let your voice be heard. Emails and calls are great but good old-fashioned written communication makes a strong statement as well. Venting on social media has it place, but it does NOT replace personal contact.

City of Jackson Government

100 E. Main Room 302 Jackson, TN 38301

Mayor Scott Conger 731-425-8240

Parks Department Head: Tony Black 731-425-8203

County Government

100 E. Main Room 302

Jackson, TN 38301

Mayor AJ Massey 731-423-6020

West TN Healthcare Foundation

74 Director’s Row Jackson, TN 38305

Director is Dr. Frank McMeen

731-225-4774 - McMeen (we think)

731-984-2140 and 731-541-5000 both found on website


Contact them to encourage them to leader based on Biblical principles for our society. Following in italics is from Dutch Sheets, Sept. 14 Give Him 15. “For Christians to separate God and the Bible from government is not only unscriptural, it is also illogical and irresponsible. Refusing to make a stand from our pulpits on these and other important issues is as unbiblical as it is devastating….Ignoring our freedom to speak up and act literally empowers the evils of our day. As a result, others have actively indoctrinated our children, shaped our laws and determined our national direction. “Not to speak IS to speak.” (Dietrich Bonhoeffer). “To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.” (Martin Luther King). The serpent is crafty (Get 3:1) He has worked his craftiness and sold Christians the lie that we should stay out of government, thereby removing one of God’s primary, most significant channels for delivering His life, blessings, and justice into the earth. This allows satan and those without the biblical worldview our nation was founded on to fill the void. We are feeding the beast, and it is getting stronger. The church must reclaim her voice once again. Only half of Americans claiming to be evangelical Christians are registered to vote and many who are registered don’t bother to do so.” Voting and speaking into the public square must be actively and repeatedly encouraged by the church.

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