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Church/Clergy Involvement in the Public Square

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Dutch Sheets - from Give Him 15 - a podcast with which I always start my day - hit it on the head today. Please go listen to it in its entirety, but the very last part echoes what I feel SO strongly.....

"We must finish well! Do not become distracted. One of satan‘s greatest skills is to distract us from what we should be focused on. Praying for the turning of our nation back to God should be at the top of our list right now. Obviously, a serious llness, the need for a job, or a family crisis would also be at the top of the list. But generally speaking, there is NOTHING more important right now than praying for America’s turnaround and great awakening, including prayer for our government.

Don’t fall prey to the deception that says, “politics/government are evil and unspiritual, so leave them alone.” Yes, the political spirit is evil; but government is of God. In fact, He IS government (Isaiah 33:22). The only institution more important on earth than government is the family (both natural and spiritual). The two mandates God gave Adam and Eve in Genesis 1.26-28 were family (be fruitful and multiply) and government (rule, manage the earth). Any church that does not emphasize both is failing. EVERY church should evangelize and build strong families, of course. But EVERY church should also be teaching on and encouraging involvement in righteous government. To do otherwise is to ignore the Genesis mandate and invite evil to rule. Congregations and individual believers who do not involve themselves in this second commission have no right to complain about ANYTHING government does.

Everything about our future well-being - and the well-being of our kids and grandkids - hinges on America's turnaround and a third great awakening taking place. Worldwide harvest, liberty and freedom, economic provision, social causes (such as human trafficking, poverty, hunger, racism, etc), disease, famine, and more, all hinge on what happens in America. If we collapse - and we will do so without the spiritual breakthrough we’re seeking - evil dictators under the control of wicked spirits, and evil regimes seeking world domination will take over. America is the tool God intends to use for the preservation of freedom around the world and to reap the great harvest He intends to bring in. Winning the spiritual war we are in currently, is no less critical than defeating the Nazis in the Second World War. We must win!

I believe we will.

Pray with me:

Father, please bring revelation to the church of our responsibility to pray for Your turnaround in America. May the spirit of intercession come afresh and anew on us. May we see clearly where we are in history. And may we see just as clearly that we have what is needed to turn the tide. Awaken us, please!

Speak to pastors and leaders, revealing where we are in our nation and also throughout the earth. Remove distractions from us, and veils of deception that cause us to feel everything is fine. Make it clear that we are in one of the most critical times in history. Help us to see that our individual congregations, our careers, our personal plans and dreams are not what is most important at this point in time. Please bring prophetic revelation, lest we miss our moment in history. In Your name we pray, Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the 21st-century church will not miss her opportunity to help Yahweh save the world."

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