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Our Mission 

We the People of West TN is organized to Connect, Educate and Activate.  We are bound by our

CORE VALUES in uniting people of faith and

like-minded individuals to preserve our

constitutional Republic and to

become more effective citizens.  

Health Care Integrity - Fighting Big Pharma Report 

If you missed it - you missed ALOT: 

Amy Miller:  a  'Mama Bear' awakened  and Rolf Hazlehurst, a local attorney whose son's life was changed forever with Autism, now in a fight against the Feds was a spell-binding, INFORMATIVE meeting Tues., May 21.

A full report is 'in the works'. 

Meanwhile, hop over to THIS WEBSITE to learn more!  

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We played this video Tues. pm: 
A faithful attendee feels called to lead!  

To start this for Jackson Madison County Schools:

 1st Step:  We need 50 people to sign their support.  We are at 20 - PLEASE CLICK on image below to go sign! 

2nd Step:  Enlist help/sponsorship of some local churches 

2nd Step:  Raise $500.  What can YOU donate? 

Haywood County is progressing WELL - let's join them! 

Shelby county had 8 schools this year - and are ready to go to 16 next school year!  If they can do it... SO CAN WE! 

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Future Meetings

June 18:  Constitution 101 Everything you never learned and much you've likely forgotten...let's dig in together.  Unless we KNOW our rights, we cannot defend and assert them.  

July  16:  TN Congressional Forum 
                     (***see below - we need your help!)
Aug. 20:  School Choice Made Clear
Gary Humble of TN Stands and OTHERS with a variety of views will discuss this movement.  Come and learn the FACTS.   
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