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Our Mission 

We the People of West TN is organized to Connect, Educate and Activate.  We are bound by our Core Values in uniting people of faith and like-minded individuals to preserve our constitutional Republic and to

become more effective citizens.  

These are EXCITING TIMES for our group - not even 2 years old until October and 500 members strong!   As an outgrowth of the Mayoral campaign of our member, Ray Condray, and the subsequent defeat, we see God at work.  At our Aug. 10 meeting, Ray announced the formation of a new CLUB:  Madison County Constitutional Republicans (MCCR).  



     MCCR is not a replacement for We the People of West TN (WTP) , but we are thrilled beyond measure to have ‘spawned’ this new organization.  MCCR is the first ‘sister’ Club ‘birthed’ from the Sumner County Constitutional Republicans.  Please take time to read more about them at their website:    Sumner County,  led by the speaker from Aug. 10, Kurt Riley, has ‘invented the wheel’ so MCCR is going to ride that wheel to similar success here in Madison County.  

     The Administrators of WTP and founder of MCCR (Ray Condray) want to be crystal clear: this is NOT a division of the local GOP.  Members of MCCR are encouraged to continue to support and work for the similar goals of the Madison County Republicans.  




MCCR will work  to recruit, train and help God-fearing Constitutional Republicans to run for office and WIN so that they can serve the people who elected them to their position. 

     MCCR is a totally separate CLUB from (WTP). 

It does NOT replace the work of WTP, but rather separates out and refines a goal of WTP which has been to elect God-fearing patriots to office.  The ‘politics’ of accomplishing that has been a stumbling block for WTP, so this is a God-sent solution.  This distinctly political activity now given to MCCR frees up WTP up to work harder on our many other areas of interest.  These ‘areas’ will be operational as Task Forces within WTP.  These Task Forces include:  Church Outreach, Learning and Educating, Protecting our Children, Achieving Medical Freedom, Influencing our Culture, Watching our Elected Officials, and Reaching out to the Community to make it a better place in which to live.  Mark our Sept. 14 Meeting on your calendar to come and learn more, and to volunteer for the area(s) that interested you the most.  

     This is a WIN-WIN for ALL who want to see our government and culture return to the morals and government on which it was founded and expressed in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. 

Letter to We the People of West TN Members 
We share MANY members,
so come join ALL at
THIS SAT. 9/23  event! 

Coming Sept. 30...

IMG_0596 2.HEIC

This is YOUR grassroots Patriot group!  Your Administrators need your input!!!   PLEASE take a few minutes to click on the button below to go and fill out a quick SURVEY! 

Thank you! 

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